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$500 towards $500

Hi, I'm Alex! I row for Capital Juniors Rowing, and have been since January of last year. Capital Juniors is a diverse community of middle and high school rowers who work hard every practice to improve their rowing. With your donation, we're able to get new rowing machines, boat equipment, and even provide scholarships to those who need them. When I first joined Capital Juniors, I didn't have any sort of rowing experience whatsoever, so when the donation and Ergathon period rolled around, I was nervous and wasn't sure whether I could row in such a high paced event. But the second I sat down for my first 500 meters, my team started cheering me on and I was able to finish every piece I rowed. This team is one of the best communities on Capital Hill, and by donating, the team is able to continue teaching new rowers every year. So we sincerely appreciate your donation, and hope to see you out on the water someday!