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In September of 2018, I joined a team that has come to be one of the best things that have happened to me since I started at School Without Walls. Even though I've only been a part of the team for 4 months, not only have I changed a lot as a person and student, I've become friends with so many great people. As a freshmen, there are very few upperclassmen that you can get to know easily and without the awkwardness of the age difference. Being apart of Capital's made it easy for me to connect with people that have so many different experiences and different things to teach me. Not only can I say, I can talk to some of these kids at school, I know people who go to different schools that do things differently. I can say that I have come to have many great memories, but there are two that stick out the most. First, being one of the oldest people on the novice team, I've had the chance to talk to my peers about their experiences as 8th graders and give advice. It feels really nice having the chance to be someone to help another along their journey, having already experienced it myself. Our conversations are always interesting and I can truly say that when we talk about high school choices, it brings on a certain feeling of reminiscing. Having gone through that process myself, I understand the feeling. The closeness of all of our bonds was reinforced, when we went to our first ever regatta together. Being with a group of people from 4:00 am until 9:30 pm changes the relationship drastically, but in a good way. The vulnerability of being tired and together that early in the morning and then rowing together is absolutely beautiful. By the end of the day you all are exhausted but having just had such a great day and then driving back home, strengthens the fact that you all are closer than friends. Everyone believes that 'my team is like a family' is a cliché but really it's the truth. Somehow you all can come together and joke, but still complete your own personal goals as an athlete.